Logo design through the years for Acrylicana and related brands: Acrylicana, Acrylicana After Dark, Acrylicanakins/Acrylicanakids, Apparel Dynasty, etc.
Main Acrylicana logo.
Acrylicana logo sketches/composites.
Completed Acrylicana brand designs. Acrylicanakins was later marketed as Acrylicanakids.
Old business card design for my indie work.
Doodle University logo and branding. The concept was a daily tutorial in drawing, crafts, or digital art marketed through the Acrylicana website, Apparel Dynasty website, and Doodle U blog.
Each section had a special character "teaching" the concepts/tutorials. All were devised, created, and written up by me. I wrote blog posts and shot video of each project (which were posted 2-4 times a week, if not daily depending on my persnoal schedule).
Apparel Dynasty, the manufacuring company I worked with from 2010-2012 (and licensed from 2012-2014).
The logo was based off of my handwriting. Some comps before ultimately choosing the logo seen above.
Font designed from my handwriting for my website at the time. Also based on the design of the Apparel Dyansty logo.
Shoelace logos for the various scented shoelace and related brands featuring my artwork.
Mirror Me was a proposed jewelry line featuring various girl faces. The idea was you'd mix and match your jewelry collection based on matching your face to the range of girls as well as your friends' faces. Aimed at kids and tweens.
Potion Commotion was a scented apparel line based on the idea of various "potions". The shirts were scented and came with a slap bracelet featuring that shirt's scented theme.
Sketches for the potion commotion logo.
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