In the spring of 2013 I was commissioned by the indie nail polish company Rainbow Honey to illustrate packaging that would inspire their latest collection. It quickly became the Robot Collection and not only featured Bitty Love Bot, but one of the polishes was named after him. Dee was an utter delight to work with and gave me such freedom in the design as well as the opportunity to inspire some fantastic colors within the collection. 
The mailer/poster design was used for packaging, promotional materials, inserts, and mailers to promote the collection in 2013.
The Robot Collection by Rainbow Honey Cosmetics.
Image ocurtesy of the official Rainbow Honey press release.
My original design was dnoe with ink on bristol board, scanned in, and made into a collage and colored in Photoshop.
Mockups are from GraphicBurger.
Rainbow Honey polishes courtesy of Rainbow Honey.
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